Why Choose EncompassCare

At EncompassCare, we understand that delivering therapy services needs to be person centered, evidence based, outcome focused, and done in the most fiscally responsible manner possible.

Why Choose EncompassCareOur leadership team has the experience needed to ensure your therapy program will see the results you desire as we will work hand in hand with your administration to achieve common goals. We provide professional staff who enjoy working in a close team atmosphere keeping turnover to a minimum. We also maintain a large list of PRN staff ensuring consistent coverage to meet resident needs.

With coverage throughout all of Ohio and Pennsylvania, EncompassCare offers Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, and Counseling Services.

EncompassCare offers specialty programming that compliments programs designed specifically to meet the needs of each patient. These specialty programs are designed to reduce rehospitalizations, manage chronic conditions, and prevent additional complications such as wounds.

EncompassCare utilizes the Universal Clinician approach to providing therapy services. We have cross-trained staff to provide therapy in the Skilled Nursing Facility, Home Health, and In-Home Outpatient settings. Our Universal Clinicians allow for continuity of care for residents/patients transitioning from Skilled Nursing Facilities to a home-based environment.

EncompassCare offers:

  • Specialty Programs addressing Functional Deficits
  • Person Centered Care Approaches
  • Therapists trained in “Dementia Capable Care”
  • Bundled Payment Pilot Project Experience
  • Approaches to Reduce Rehospitalizations
  • Assistance with Census Development
  • In-house Management Services
  • Care Tool Utilization


Electrical Stimulation
Electrical Stimulation

What They're Saying

“One of the crucial missions to all of us is finding a therapy company who will partner and share the same high quality patient care standards as we value in our daily operations.

EncompassCare has been that partner for our facilities and has totally transformed our patient experience by driving our results today and into the future. EncompassCare has become a vital part of our family that makes impactful impressions to those we serve.”

— Paul W. Lieber, MBA, LNHA
Vice President of Health Care Operations JDK Management Co., LP

“My future looked very dark, very bad, but you would show me there was hope for a better day ahead, and you were right. Erin, you gave me hope for a new life. Not many people in their lives can say that, but you can. I can speak again, all because of your hard work and faith in me.”
— Ron D.

“I just want to say thank you for the great care I received during my stay at St. Catherine’s
recovering from surgery. Everyone was so kind and helped me with everything I needed. I met a lot of new people and renewed some old friendships. You have a wonderful way of making the world around you a happier place for everyone.”
— Bev D.

“It has been my good fortune to be treated by the rehab department of St. Catherine’s Manor of Fostoria, Ohio. From not being able to dress myself at age 84, I am now totally independent. I highly recommend them to you.”
— Charles S.

“My experience at St. Catherine’s was good. I was treated well, and the therapy I received helped me to return to the active lifestyle that I enjoy.”
— Wilber E.

“I suffered a severe stroke. I had asked 2 doctors in Toledo how bad my stroke was and they told me it’s as bad as it can get. My right side was totally paralyzed, I couldn’t eat, drink, breathe, or swallow correctly. Erin worked with me for 3 72 months to get my speech, eating, breathing, and swallowing back to normal. What she was able to do for me was nothing short of a miracle.”
— Ron D.

“A resident soon learns to follow instructions and do the best you can because all the therapists have your best interests in their hearts and minds. They also listen to each resident and do their best to improve their health and get them ready for the future. Above all else, I enjoyed each therapist’s sense of humor and the interest they displayed in each resident’s improvement.”
— Jean M.

“I’d give therapy an ‘A’. It was great! My therapist helped me make a memory book, and it has helped me remember my childhood memories and family.”
— Don L.

“When I came here I could only walk 10 feet!”
— Sandra H.

“Therapy is my favorite time of day!”
— Ron D.