What Others are Saying

“Hill View Health Care Center is very pleased to have partnered with EncompassCare. The professionalism of the EncompassCare staff, plus their heartfelt compassion in dealing with our residents, are evident in their commitment to giving their very best. EncompassCare’s state of the art modalities, for PT, OT and ST, also contribute to the ongoing success of our Therapy Program. In my 30 plus years as an Administrator, EncompassCare has surpassed any other therapy company with which I have contracted. Hill View Health Care Center is well known for its rehabilitative services and I would highly recommend EncompassCare to any of my professional associates.”

– John Prose/CEO/Administrator, Hill View Retirement Community

“The TCU Therapy Unit was Top Notch. I really enjoyed my time with them.”

– Marilyn Severt

“Therapy is my favorite time of day!”

-Ron D.

“I’d give therapy an ‘A’. It was great! My therapist helped me make a memory book, and it has helped me remember my childhood memories and family.”

-Don L.

“In the last year I have been a resident of St. Catherine’s Manor 2 periods of time. Both times I have also been under the care of the therapy department. The first time was for a hip replacement following a fall. This time was following a heart problem. Both times the therapy department was involved with my care. It doesn’t take long to realize each therapist is well educated in their field and is very interested in helping the residents. A resident soon learns to follow instructions and do the best you can because all the therapists have your best interests in their hearts and minds. They also listed to each resident and do their best to improve their health and get them ready for the future. Above all else, I enjoyed each therapist’s sense of humor and the interest they displayed in each resident’s improvement. If I ever need help in the future, their help would be my only choice. Thank you very much for all your help while here.”

– Jean M.

“My experience was good. I was treated well, and the therapy I received helped me to return to the active lifestyle that I enjoy.”

-Wilber E.

“It has been my good fortune to be treated by the rehab department. From not being able to dress myself at age 84, I am now totally independent.”

-Charles S.

“I just want to say thank you for the great care I received during my stay while recovering from surgery. Everyone was so kind and helped me with everything I needed. I met a lot of new people and renewed some old friendships. You have a wonderful way of making the world around you a happier place for everyone.”

-Bev D.

“You gave me new life, Erin (SLP), whether you know it or not. When I first came here in late November 2014, a sever stroke almost took my life. In fact, for awhile, I thought my life was at an end. My future looked very dark, very bad, but you would show me there was hope for a better day ahead, and you were right. Erin, you gave me hope for a new life. Not many people in their lives can say that, but you can. I can speak again, all because of your hard work and faith in me. You gave me a new life, when no one else could. There is an old song of the late 60’s that says, ‘People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.’ Erin, when I needed someone, that someone was you. You gave me my life back, hope for a better day. I’ll never forget you for believing in me and helping me.”

-Ron D.

“The therapy department worked me hard, but it was well worth it. I am able to now continue to live independently in my home.”

– Gloria Keller

“Working with a counselor prior to my therapy sessions allowed me to focus through therapy. I used breathing techniques I learned to help me calm down when I was nervous completing a new exercise or trying new equipment. The most important goal for me working with a counselor was to be given tools to use during therapy because I didn’t want to stay the same. I wanted to be able to walk more and be with my family. I truly enjoyed the therapists, we had fun together, but when it cam e time push me to do more, they helped me work through it.”